Alec Baldwin Tweets Rant About Starbucks Employee By Name And Store Address

Maybe he was riding the high of Ben & Jerry’s launching the “Schweddy Balls” flavored ice cream named after the famous SNL sketch he was in? Whatever the reason, Alec Baldwin turned his 100,000 megawatt star power and 323,235 Twitter followers on a Starbucks barrista Wednesday who apparently left him with a burnt taste in his mouth, tweeting that the guy was “uptight” and had “an attitude problem.” The tweet named the coffee worker by name and gave the cross streets of the Starbucks location he was at. Kind of like killing a gnat with a RPG, no?

“Starbucks on [redacted]. Uptight Queen barista named [redacted] has an attitude problem,” @AlecBaldwin tweeted at around 1pm on Wednesday.

Then, perhaps aware that he was being a bully, he continued his journey uptown and stopped off at Dinosaur Barbecue – great BBQ, btw – and tweeted about a positive encounter with a worker there.

“Clyde, on the other hand, outside DINOSAUR BARBECUE @ W 125 n H River is MY MAN. Keeping the hickory ovens going, he is 2dayz Coolest NYer.”

E! News investigative reporters called up Clyde and confirmed the incident. Clyde said the tweet was “awesome.”

“I was carrying the wood for the ovens,” he told E! News. “I ran over, brought him inside. I brought him the wood from outside. I showed him how we use the wood in our restaurants. He was so into the meat; he was laid-back. He was a great guy.”

“He almost threw on an apron and wanted to work,” he said. “He was on his bike. He said he’s gonna come back and eat. He was in a rush, but wanted to see how the food was made. He said it looked great.”

E! visited the named Starbucks and were told that the worker named in the tweet was not there. Starbucks media relations did not return their request for comment.

In a third tweet, Baldwin poked fun out how Twitterers were making a big deal out of his Starbucks tweet. “@DiscipleOfTodd: @AlecBaldwin fill in the blank.. my visit to Starbucks was just like the time I ________” Brought down Capone,” he wrote.

Coffee Is for Closers: Alec Baldwin Rants About Starbucks Employee on Twitter [E!]

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