Sprint Won't Give Me Credit For Service Outage Because I Could Theoretically Use My Phone Somewhere Else

More and more people are using their wireless phones as their home phones, which means that when wireless service goes out near your home, you are telephonically cut off from the rest of the world. But Sprint says that’s not worthy of an adjustment to your bill because Sprint service still exists somewhere out there.

Consumerist reader Dan found this out when he contacted Sprint to complain about an inability to use his phone in the area near his home and place of work.

Sprint confirmed in an e-mail that there is a known network issue in Dan’s neighborhood and that the “anticipated date of resolution” is Sept. 29, five weeks after the problem began.

But rather than give Dan even a small adjustment to his bill for the time his service would be unavailable to him, a Sprint CSR told him she could not do so because ” you have had use in other areas and a credit is not an available option.”

We see a new outdoor ad campaign for Sprint coming out of this situation: Billboards that say “If you lived here, you could get the wireless service you’ve been paying for.”

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