Driving Your Car Through The Door Is A Good Way To Get Banned From Every McDonald's In The UK

If you’re not happy with the service at your McDonald’s drive-thru, there are many, many ways to express your frustration. One that we most definitely do not recommend is repeatedly ramming your car into the building.

Unfortunately for one man in the United Kingdom, this was a lesson he had to learn on his own, and a lesson that has him barred from passing through any of the Golden Arches in the country.

Not surprisingly, alcohol plays no small part in this story. The man reportedly drank upwards of eight pints of lager at a friend’s funeral before deciding to walk over to his local McDonald’s for some late-night grub.

When he was told he couldn’t be served at the drive-thru because he wasn’t in a vehicle, he walked back home and drove back to the eatery.

“He returned with the car, parked it on the kerb and went back to the serving hatch where he made the threats,” said the prosecutor in the case.

When the McDonald’s staff wouldn’t serve him, he reportedly told them, “You’d better move yourself, I am coming in… Even if I’ve got to ram these doors down, I am coming in.”

Then he did just that, repeatedly backing his Ford Fiesta into the building, which had to close for four days while the damage was repaired.

Said the judge in the case:

This was entirely mindless damage — having consumed alcohol is no excuse.

You refused to accept the staff’s request to go into the restaurant and be served along with other members of the public.

You behaved in atrocious manner, your conduct was disgraceful and clearly dangerous.

In addition to being banned from all UK McDonald’s, the 41-year-old has also been sentenced to eight months behind bars for driving drunk.

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