Costco Lets Man Return 5-Year-Old Suitcase With Broken Wheel

DrRonster was inspired by a recent Consumerist post about a guy who couldn’t take advantage of Costco’s famed warranty because he wasn’t a member. The “Ronster” went to take his own suitcase in for a refund. The suitcase has a broken wheel and is five years old, yet his venture was met with success, as he is a Costco member.

DrRonster writes:

After reading the article about a non-member returning a suitcase to Costco, I returned a 5 year old suitcase with a broken wheel. Since I’m a Costco member, no problem. Only thing was that I was refunded $128 and bought a better one for $99. Had a little discussion with him about how long thing will last and just pointed out that even tho we both agreed that things don’t last forever, Costco’s policy are the rules. He agreed completely with me.

We both thought it was crazy to have such policies but he was required to follow their rules. I returned this on a Friday night for a Saturday trip.

Thank you for the article.

I donated the difference to consumerist.

– DrRonster

My favorite part of this email is the last line. That sounds like a cool trend that people should definitely jump on.

Costco’s Lifetime Return Policy Only Applies To Actual Members

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