Can You Pass Papa John's Math Test?

When David went to the Papa John’s website to order up a pizza, three deals greeted him. This wasn’t a pizza-purchasing experience; it was a math test. Can you spot the best deal?


David writes:

I was looking to order in a pizza this rainy night, so went to Papa John’s website to see what was on sale. Here are descriptions of a few of the deals:

Deal A: One large pizza with up to seven toppings for $11.00.

Deal B: One large pizza with up to four toppings for $12.00.

Deal C: Two large pizzas with up to two toppings each for $22.00.

Note that since there is no limit to how many pizzas you can order from each deal, one would have to be very poor at math to purchase anything other than Deal A (assuming you want a large pie).

This being America, we can only assume that deal C is enormously popular.

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