California Court Says Guy Can't Change His Name To Web Address

If you want your name to be your website URL, you’re most likely going to have to settle for the moniker as a nickname. A man described as a marijuana activist who tried to name himself after his pot advocacy website had his name change request denied by a trial court, and the decision was affirmed by an appeals court.

Eric Goldman reports the man, who uses the website to discuss marijuana legalization efforts, tried to change his name in New Jersey back in 2001.

According to the post, the judges denied the name change because it involved a URL, which can apparently be borrowed but never thoroughly owned. In its opinion, a judge wrote “it becomes apparent that a domain name is not property” and is just a service agreement between the registrar and registrant.

Marijuana Activist Can’t Change His Name to “” — In re Forchion [Eric Goldman via Gawker]

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