Best Buy To Allow Online Competitors To Sell Through

Many people refer to Best Buy as “the place I window shop for things I’ll buy from someone else online.” Now the electronics retailer’s latest move seems to acknowledge this fact while still profiting from it.

Best Buy announced earlier today that it is launching a new new third-party Marketplace on its website that will allow other vendors — even some that compete with Best Buy — to sell products directly to Best Buy shoppers.

According to Reuters, among those that will be selling through the Marketplace are, Mambate, SF Planet, ANT Online, and Wayfair. Just like on Amazon and other sites that allow third-party vendors, customers will use the same shopping cart and checkout to make all purchases, but the third-party vendors handle their own order fulfillment.

“Our multichannel strategy is all about taking advantage of the interplay between digital and physical — being able to be present what the customer is searching for, whether on a cell phone, web browser or in store talking to associates,” said the senior vice president and general manager of online operations at Best Buy. “Having access in the store to this expanded online assortment is part of that overall strategy.”

Best Buy to offer rivals’ products in online marketplace [Chicago Tribune]

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