Ditching Diners Attack Restaurant Owner After She Threatens To Call Police On Them

The 69-year-old owner of a restaurant in Michigan found herself in the hospital last week after she called the police on pair of diners who refused to pay for their meals and was kicked in the midsection and hit in the face for her efforts.

The owner says she followed the two women to the door as they attempted to exit without paying, claiming they were unhappy with the food and apparently using vulgar language.

“People using names and filthy language, I lost it,” the owner told Mlive.com. “I had no business trying to stop them.”

But when she told the pair of diners she was calling the police, that’s when things reportedly got nasty, as the owner was kicked and hit by the two women.

Customers tried to intervene but the owner told them to stay away, fearing that others might get hurt.

The attack put a minor hitch in the owner’s plan to call the police, but an employee followed the women out of the restaurant and to a McDonald’s where they were arrested and ultimately charged with aggravated assault and defrauding an innkeeper.

The owner went to the hospital at the urging of others but was released — and back to work — the same day.

Theo and Stacy’s owner attacked by customers who refused to pay at her downtown Kalamazoo restaurant [Mlive.com]

Women charged with aggravated assault of Theo and Stacy’s owner [Mlive.com]

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