California Bill Calls For Ban On Shark Fin Soup

If you’re into buying, selling, trading or eating shark fins in California, you may want to live it up before a bill calling for the ban on sharkfin trafficking becomes law. The legislative effort, dubbed the California Shark Protection Act, would also make it illegal to dine on the Chinese delicacy of shark fin soup.

CNN reports environmentalists are targeting the fins, which sell for $600 per pound, due to the disturbing way in which they’re harvested — fishermen catch sharks, cut off the fins and toss them back into the ocean. Groups opposing the legislation say it unfairly targets the Chinese community because it’s the only group that consumes shark fins, while other shark products are spared the teeth of the legislation.

The California state legislature is expected to consider the bill next week.

Shark fin soup faces extinction in California [CNN]

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