Timing Of Netflix Price Increase Depends On Your Billing Date

Netflix’s much-maligned price increase kicks in today, but not for all customers. The new pricing plan, which charges $7.99 a month to stream movies and another $7.99 to rent one DVD at a time, doesn’t go into effect until your September billing date. Depending on when your bill is due, you can squeeze a few extra days of the old rates out of your plan before either canceling or choosing either streaming or disc rentals to avoid the bill bump.

Hacking Netflix advises making your move two days before your billing date in order to make sure your plan is changed before the new prices go into effect.

If you choose the streaming option and abandon disc rentals, be aware that you’ll lose your disc queue and you’ll have a week to return any remaining discs before you’re charged for them.

Price Increase: Change Your Netflix Plan Before Your “Next Billing Date” [Hacking Netflix via Engadget]

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