AT&T Robocalls You, Has No Idea Why

When you get robocalls from your wireless carrier telling you to call customer service regarding your account, and the calls aren’t a scam, someone at customer service should know what the hell the robocalls were about. Not necessarily. This week, some mysterious force within the AT&T customer service system was desperate to get in touch with Rohit, but no one could tell him why.

It’s been 4 consecutive days I’m getting a phonecall from AT&T with a recorded message saying that I need to call customer service regarding my wireless account (without any other details). I’ve called them back each day, only to be told, 3 days in a row – “There’s no issue with your account and we don’t know why you are getting those calls!”.

Today, when I insisted that they investigate further, the rep found out that there was a charge on another account which I was supposedly holding. This happened because when I bought my phone from Best Buy, they could not port-in my number and assigned me a “temporary” number. The very next day, when I called and had my number ported-in and had the “temporary” line cancelled, I was told that it succeeded. I was charged the month’s bill on the number that was ported in, as well as the number that was “temporary”. The “temp” line has been now cancelled (or atleast I’ve been told so) and hopefully I shouldn’t be getting any more phonecalls asking me to get back to them.

I’m quite displeased at the incompetency and inability of their customer service! I was the one who actually solved my own problem by insisting that they investigate the issue regarding the port-in. 3 customer service representatives told me that there was “no issue” whatsoever!

We can only assume that the poor, misguided dialing robot will continue to call Rohit until it gathers the nerve to profess its love for him. Or spends a week trying to reach him and tel; him that the problem has been fixed.

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