The Price Tag On These Super Mario Pajamas Says $0.00, So That's What Target Charged Me

When you see something marked down to $0.00, it usually means a pricing mistake. And in spite of popular rumors to the contrary, the store is generally under no obligation to honor such an error. But Consumerist reader MC found a Target employee who would rather just give away a pretty sweet ensemble of Super Mario pajamas instead of finding out the real price.

Writes MC:

We went to Target today to look at kids clothes and found some (normally $14.99) Mario pajamas with $0.00 as the price on both tags! I was sure that when we got to the register we would have to see a manager, or go through some protracted event for them to honor the price listed… but no!

Our cashier just smiled and said “I cant scan this!” Then he just put them in the bag. So while we have no record of our deal on a receipt, we did get a free pair of pajamas out of it. I saw a few more on the rack (not our kids size) and can’t help but wonder if it would have been different trying to get six or seven of these through the checkout.