Friday Tipster Round-Up: Holiday Creep Edition

Sifting through this week’s submissions, it looks like users of the free Consumerist Tipster App had the holidays on their brains. Of course, it appears they didn’t have much choice as stores have already begun packing the aisles with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items.


Chris: “Jingle jingle jingle ca-ching. That’s the sound of Christmas time… In August at Costco.


Leah found Thanksgiving and Halloween-themed decor for sale at this Walmart in North Carolina


Blake: “Christmas creep hits my Costco in Ogden, Utah.”


Kimaroo: “Christmas Creep starts in August at Cracker Barrel.”


ELK stocked up on Halloween candy at Walgreens on August 20.


Chuck: “Christmas creep at at Costco in San Francisco on August 21.”

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