Dog Swallows $10,000 In Diamonds At Jewelry Store

Dogs will swallow just about anything, which is why it’s probably not a great idea to let them near tiny, sparkly things of great value. A dog that employees allowed to hang out at a Georgia jewelry store drove home the point by gulping down loose diamonds worth a collective $10,000.

MSNBC reports the dog, named Honey Bun, hopped up to a desk from a nearby chair and swallowed the diamonds, apparently mistaking them for dog treats that were left beside the stones. X-rays suggested that the diamonds were likely in the dog’s belly, and the next afternoon the diamonds were recovered, cleaned up and sent back to the supplier.

Said an employee: “I haven’t scolded him to this day and won’t. It was my fault for leaving the chair there. That’s why.”

Dog eats $10,000 worth of diamonds [MSNBC via Huffington Post]

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