I Fought A Sleazy Towing Company And Won

The bad news was that Anne’s car was illegally towed from the parking lot of her friend’s apartment complex while she was visiting him. The good news: this friend is a lawyer, who researched the situation and determined precisely why the tow was illegal.

I recently won a case in [justice of the peace] court in [Texas], with the help of my attorney friend who looked up the law. I was illegally towed from his apt complex. Looking at the receipt that was given to me by the towing/storage co, the info which was provided was incorrect but that’s beside the point since the whole this is set up to mislead the consumer.

Texas state law says that signs have to be 5′ from the ground to the bottom of the sign. Luckily for us none of the posted towing signs were in compliance and we won the appeal and he’s to give me back the towing fee of 243.00 and filing fee of 26.00.

Most people don’t know this technicality therefore this is a FYI and a strong beware of sleazy towing companies.

Hurray for Anne!

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