For USPS, 'Do Not Bend' Means 'Fold Law School Diploma In Half'

Even on days when the only thing in my mailbox is a renewal notice for a magazine I never subscribed to in the first place, the United States Postal service is a fantastic value for the money. But then, I didn’t have the same experience as Tony, where his forwarding order was ignored, and a very, very expensive piece of paper smushed into a small mailbox.

he writes:

My roommate and I graduated from law school in May. Four weeks ago, he received his diploma. The envelope, which was clearly marked DO NOT BEND in large bold-faced print, had been bent almost to a crease across the top left corner. He managed to mostly flatten it out with weights and the like, but he was understandably upset.

In an effort to avoid this result, I immediately started forwarding my mail to an address in [redacted], Minnesota (my girlfriend’s parents have a very large mail box in which my diploma would not have to bend to fit). I have been receiving mail at that address for four weeks, and I am scheduled to receive mail there until the end of September.

Today, the envelope in the attached picture arrived at my house in [a different city.] It appears the postman has not yet learned to read. I don’t think any amount of weights in the world will get that crease out.