Groupon Refunds Me Extra $20, Shrugs

Kairho probably shouldn’t complain. After a local business that had run a Groupon promotion went out of business, he had one of three $10 vouchers remaining. When he contacted Groupon about the closed business, he received the entire $30 back as a refund. Was it a mistake? No, Groupon explained: they don’t keep track of which vouchers you’ve actually used, so refunds are on the honor system.

I purchased three $10 Groupons for one restaurant. After having used two, the restaurant went out of business. I emailed Groupon for consideration on the remaining Groupon ($10) and they immediately apologized (for what?) and issued a refund.

Very responsible of them. However, I noticed the refund was for $30 not the required $10. I wrote back telling them to either change the refund amount or please take the $20 back from my credit card. Incredibly, their response was, “We do not keep track of which Groupons you’ve used, so when a company goes out of business we refund on the honor system. Unfortunately since the refund has already processed I can not go back and fix this. “

I just don’t know what to think.

I would think, “this seems like a serious flaw in the Groupon system.”

If you feel guilty about the extra refund, take that $20 and spend it at your favorite locally-owned eatery.

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