Subway Ad Serves Up Birdbaths Of Hamburger Grease And Hypocrisy

Subway’s “Eat Fresh” campaign is all very well and good, but fast food is fast food. Sure, you can order a six-inch turkey sub loaded with vegetables and no cheese or mayo with a side of apple slices. Or you can get a footlong tuna salad sub that has more fat than a Big Mac and fries. Which do most customers choose? Yet Subway’s latest ad slams burger chains for the unhealthiness of their food, showing kiddie pools full of burger grease.

As ad blogger Tom Megginson notes, Subway is fast food too.

Look, hamburgers are junk food, but the fat in a burger has little to do with a fast food restaurant’s waste oil. And deep fried foods, when cooked hot enough, do not absorb a great deal of it (otherwise, they’d have to refill their fryers continuously).

My point here is not that McDonald’s or Burger King deserves defence. It’s that Subway is fast food too.

What, exactly, is the point of this ad? It shows disgusting water coolers, pools, and birdbaths filled with grease. And Subway’s point is…their processes don’t generate any waste? A sandwich seems healthier than a burger, but nothing is very healthy once you put enough mayo on it and pair it with a regular soda and some Doritos.

Subway spot ignores its own fat issues [Work that Matters]

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