Hey, Where Are The Chocolate Chips In My Klondike Bar?

There’s a new flavor of Klondike Bar on the block: mint chocolate chip. That’s wonderful news for fans of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but also slightly confusing. Because there aren’t actually any chocolate chips in the bars, even though they’re pictured on the package and their ingredients listed on the product’s ingredients list. Where did they go?

Pat writes:

While doing some shopping the other day I noticed a new flavor of Klondike Bar, Mint Chocolate Chip:


It looked pretty good, so I picked up a package. Later when I had one, it seemed to me that something was missing. See if you can spot the difference between the picture on the box and the actual product:


Yes, it’s a Klondike and yes, there’s mint ice cream, but it seems that the chips have gotten lost somewhere….

So chips are in the name, they’re in the product picture on the package, and they’re also on the ingredient list on the product’s web page. Right at the end, it says:


That natural flavor? Invisibility. I’ve eaten quite a few of these bars, and Pat is right. The pictured chocolate chips/flakes just aren’t there.


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  1. PercyChuggs Was Found At JFK Airport says:

    User should have cut the bar up into quarter pieces. Only seeing what hides behind one bite doesn’t really give you a great look at what is potentially hiding inside.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      I would take a very sharp kitchen knife, and slice it like a bagle…though that might cause the outter shell to crack apart too much.

      Either way, you bring up a good point.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      I’ve nommed my way through two boxes of these since they came out a few months ago. Not a chip to be seen.

  2. XanthorXIII says:

    Klondike just destroyed my eating habits……

  3. arizonaadam says:

    cn’t blv sm f th grbg tht mks t nt Cnsmrst.

    • Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

      t sr s bttr thn sm f th grbg tht cmplns n th cmmnts n Cnsmrst.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      First the Klondike Bar is missing chips, now Consumerist posts are missing vowels!

  4. Bagels says:

    To be honest, Klondike bars just aren’t very good period.

    • Rebecca K-S says:

      “Ice cream novelties” rarely are.

      • agent 47 says:

        Not true. Byrne Dairy makes an AWESOME brownie mint ice cream sammich…so shut up!

        You’re lucky I can’t find a picture of one.

      • Bagels says:

        Agreed. I do like the Good Humor Toasted Almond/Strawberry Shortcake/Chocolate Eclair triumvirate though

    • agent 47 says:

      +1. It’s about time somebody had the squibbs to admit this.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      I like them. I feel for their size/calories, they aren’t really worth it, I’d rather just have some Ben & Jerry’s. But I’ve had far worse ice cream items like this (or frozen dairy treats for Nestle, ugh).

    • theycallmeGinger says:

      Their sugar-free bars are actually pretty awesome. (Not fat-free, mind you…)

  5. mike says:

    Could this be another grocery shrink ray? Perhaps the chocolate chips are so small, they can’t be seen with the naked eye.

    I’m sure the klondike package says, “Picture enlarged to show texture” in really small font.

  6. Hirayuki says:

    But there *are* little bits of (presumably) chocolate in the green ice cream, right there in the picture. I mean, they’re not big, but we as consumers should be used to “enhanced” package illustrations by now. And it’s not like the box showed big juicy semisweet chips.

    • chefboyardee says:

      Agreed, I saw the picture and thought “I can see flecks of chocolate right in the middle of the bite”

  7. sirwired says:

    Errr… all the OP has to do is call up the 800 number on the package, read out the lot number, and he/she will get coupons for a free replacement(s). Food companies are always really eager to hear from consumers so they can figure out what went wrong.

  8. PercyChuggs Was Found At JFK Airport says:

    I just assume they mean that the flavor of the green stuff inside is “mint chocolate chip”. Not that it is mint, with chocolate chips in it.

    • K-Bo says:

      I’ve had them, and the flavor was more “chemicals meant to barely resemble mint” They should fill them with the breyer’s natural mint chocolate chip, that’s the best there is.

    • agent 47 says:

      So how would you explain the picture on the box then? You know, the one that shows the actually bar with chips in it.

  9. thaJack says:

    Dude… the thing is coated in one big chocolate chip. C’mon.

  10. RickinStHelen says:

    The anser is chocolate flakes. You may be expecting Nestle Toll House type chips, but the package says flakes. If you look in the picture, you can see the flakes.

  11. Cat says:

    There’s a fine line between chocolate “flakes” and “dust”. Klondike just doesn’t know where that line is drawn.

    But in the end, flakes and dust are not chips.