Grocery Shrink Ray Zaps Nate's Meatless Balls

I always found Nate’s brand of meatless meatballs (or: balls) to be the best-tasting vegetarian substitute around, and better than most frozen meatballs on the market. Michael is a fan, too. At Whole Foods recently, he noticed that the package had changed, and the amount inside. But not the price.

He writes:

The Grocery Shrink Ray Strikes Again! Shame on Nate’s Meatless and Whole Foods Market … along with fancy new packaging for Nate’s vegan meatballs, consumers get to enjoy 12.5% less product all for the same $4.99 price as before!


Here’s the new packaging:


Whole Foods doesn’t deserve any of the blame if Nate’s left the wholesale price the same. It’s sad to see that customers will now get less of that delicious, delicious fake meat for their money.