AT&T Customer Diagrams His Labyrinthine Path To Getting Simple Billing Issue Resolved

After reading this AT&T customer’s story about being sent to collections while disputing a billing error, Consumerist reader Paul wrote in to share his recent hellish ordeal with the Death Star — in diagram form.

Following the diagram is like following one of those Family Circus comics where little Billy goes nuts all over town instead of picking up the quart of milk his mom had asked him to get. But basically, after noticing that his AT&T wireless bill was suddenly about $90 off, Paul and his wife made numerous, fruitless phone calls, received several hollow promises and spent more than a full month trying to navigate the AT&T customer service maze — an adventure that landed them in the files of a collections agency.

Ultimately, with the help of complaints to both the FCC and FTC, Paul appears to have gotten some resolution, and we all have this road map of how wildly, unnecessarily complicated it can be just to get a simple billing error fixed.

attcustomer service2.png