Verizon Keeps You Up Until Midnight, Still Can't Provide Internet Access

Brian has a very simple problem. He has Verizon FiOS service. He moved within the same apartment complex, and checked with Verizon to see what he could do about moving his service. Only now the move is done, Verizon’s instructions didn’t work, they can’t get a tech out until this weekend. Brian works from home, and this isn’t acceptable when all that needs to happen is having a switch or two flipped in the basement.

I was moving within the same apartment complex, and I wanted to bring my FIOS with me. I knew this would be a little odd, being in the same building, so I called well in advance. I was told to simply bring my modem/router, plug it in, and then wait a while. If that failed, call and they could set it up over the phone.

Somehow this phone call led to a new order and tech visit appointment being placed, that I never asked for, but that became the least of my concerns.

After the move, I plugged in the router with no results. I had to leave for work for a week, so I left it on. I returned to it still blinking, with no connection.

I began calling, and was bumped from department to department, no one seemed to know what to do with me, often sending me back to the same place that sent me to them.
During these calls, i verified the tech visit that i never asked for. I figured someone would come out and take care of it in a moment.

The Sunday came, and I waited from 8-5pm, with no one showing. I call again. This time they mention that the system had a pending connection for me, and all of those go at midnight, no sooner. So he said to wait until midnight and call again. At midnight, nothing happened, and when i called, they were closed.

Monday rolls around. I work from home, so this is a major problem. I call, they say they can have someone come on Thursday. This is no good, so i ask for Friday, figuring later is better.

I also ask for a credit, since all this time, I am still paying for internet. I end the call with them saying they would call me back within 24 hours to verify Friday and talk about compensation.

As one would guess, they didn’t call. After a long time on hold, they tell me I have a visit schedule for Thursday, which I had asked not to have. But by then, Friday was not open for them, and they said Sat 8-5.

So now I have to wait until Sat for a tech to “maybe” show up, to flip a switch in the building to turn on my internet.

I understand Verizon has labor issues and a strike. But I still think that’s no reason for hours of phone bouncing, inconsistent answers, no-shows, keeping me up until midnight, and continued billing, when it probably can be fixed in 5 minutes.

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