The 30-Year Quest For A Doctor Who Dalek Pencil Topper

Amanda is just thrilled to bits after finding the Doctor Who Dalek pencil topper she had been searching for for 30 years. Even better was the awesome customer service provided by Kulture Shock, the partner that sold her it.

Amanda writes:

Howdy, Ben!

I had a simply outstanding experience with an Amazon partner Kulture Shock (UK) the past couple of weeks that I really would like to pass on. I’ve rarely had such great service from companies from this side of “the pond”!

I’ve been obsessively searching for a Doctor Who Dalek pencil topper for quite literally 30 years. I saw one in a comic shop when I was 8 years old, but my mother refused, complaining that at $0.69, it “cost as much as a comic book”. Ah, the 80s. I saved my pin money for a week and convinced my father to take me back, but the shop was sold out and I’ve never seen another. e-Bay, Doctor Who fan sites, too many sci-fi and comic conventions to list, and still no luck.

It completely stunned me 3 weeks ago when I found this pencil topper from Kulture Shock in the UK on Amazon. I was thrilled to say the least. The shipping date was for August 17, nearly 6 weeks away. For an international shipping, that seemed quite reasonable. Since I’d waited 30 years for it, it seemed silly to pay for expedited shipping. After 30 years, what’s another 6 weeks?

You can only imagine my shock then when I found it in my mail just 4 days later! The Dalek was in perfect condition. And Kulture Shock threw in a Doctor Who pencil, too. With the attached pencil, it is quite definitely better than I ever expected or hoped it would be in all my years of searching.

That was more than enough to prompt me to send a long thank-you letter to Kulture Shock, lauding them for their excellent service, shipping time, and the unexpected inclusion of the pencil. I gushed, I thanked, I thought that was the end of the experience.

I was wrong.

In my mail this week, Kulture Shock continued my already stellar experience. They sent me an official Doctor Who pen with a yellow Dalek that slides up and down the barrel, AND they sent a yellow Dalek rubber key-chain! All this and a note thanking me for sending a nice note. COMPLETELY unexpected.

As of this morning, I’m still 2 weeks away from the original estimated shipping time. Yet I’ve already received my order in perfect condition AND complimentary gifts, too. Thanks Kulture Shock!

– Amanda

Even Davros himself wouldn’t be able to provide such a great Dalek-related customer service experience. Not that he was noted for his customer service skills.

This is pretty swell by Kulture Shock and they’ve earned themselves a big new fan.

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