Startup Swears Hardest Of Hard Discs Can Save Data Forever

The trouble with traditional disc-based data storage products is they decay over time, potentially allowing information that isn’t backed up to vanish. A startup, working with LG, plans to rectify the problem with a disc that promises to etch data in virtual stone.

Computerworld reports that the product, dubbed the M-Disc, is so indestructible it would make for nifty infomercial fodder. Apparently you could dip the disc in liquid nitrogen and then boiling water and it would be just fine.

The company’s CEO is vague about what exactly the M-Disc is made out of, referring to the substance as “natural” and “stone-like.”

Machines that can read DVDs and Blu-ray discs can also handle the M-Disc, which should be in stores in October and will sell for about $3 a disc.

Start-up to release ‘stone-like’ optical disc that lasts forever [Computerworld via Slashdot]

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