Report: Walmart Cutting 3DS Price Early

On Friday Nintendo will cut the price of the 3DS handheld from $250 to $170, offering 20 free downloadable games to those who log on to the eShop by Thursday. The gesture is meant to comfort those who overpaid for the device by buying it before the rollback. Walmart, though, is reportedly offering the best of both worlds by marking the 3DS down to $170 Tuesday, giving opportunists time to qualify for the free games while netting the discount.

The report comes from Cheap Ass Gamer, which cites “a trusted source.” If correct, the premature planned price cut could either be the fruits of a miscommunication, or an orchestrated attempt by Nintendo and Walmart to spur the machine out of its sales funk.

Another way to score the free games is to buy a used 3DS, which can run between $160 and $170.

Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Hits on August 9th at Walmart [Cheap Ass Gamer via Destructoid]

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