Macy's Admits It's Totally Peeping On You In The Fitting Room

If you live in Florida and feel like someone’s peeping on you in the department store fitting room to make sure you’re not thieving, well, they could be!

Local 10 News in Tampa Bay checked into a certain Macy’s and discovered many of their privacy doors were installed backward, with the slats facing downward instead of up, thus allowing an outsider to peer in.

When they brought this to the attention of Macy’s, the store was all like, yep! We do that!

“Retailers work hard to strike a balance between preserving the privacy of customers, providing customer service, maintaining customer safety in fitting rooms, and deterring the theft of merchandise,” said Melissa Goff, Vice President of Media Relations & Cause Marketing at Macy’s. “Macy’s is continually reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we are serving the best interests of all of our customers. We strive to make customers feel safe and secure at Macy’s.”

They apparently do this all across the country, whenever states allow it by law.

The news station says the issue came to light when a former employee who worked at loss prevention realized the doors were backward, and reported it to his managers. He claims he was soon retaliated against for his report, and eventually fired, ostensibly for other reasons.

F.S.S. 877.26 allows stores to monitor customers from outside a dressing room, but it’s pretty uncool that stores aren’t telling customers they’re doing so in that way.

Other stores who permit the backwards door slat method are Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor Loft and Dillard’s.

Hidden cameras expose privacy problems in Macy’s fitting rooms [WTSP10 News]

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