If You Must Photograph Your Food, At Least Do It Right

Before you shoot pictures of whatever meal you’re about to devour, with plans to immediately upload it to the social networkverse, first make sure that what’s sitting in front of you is truly amazing and worthy of documentation. Once you pass that test, treat your captive audience right by making sure you’re using proper technique.

The Phoenix New Times offers a primer on food photography:

*Evaluate the detail. What about the food makes it special? Garnish, presentation and even the place setting and silverware may or may not need to be included in the frame for maximum food-lust effect.

*Ask for a window seat. Muddy, dimly-lit shots of your dessert won’t look as appealing as gorgeously sun-kissed shots that bathe your dish in natural light. Patio seating also works.

*Learn your camera settings. Make sure your shot is in focus and the color is balanced. Look over your past work and evaluate what you did right and wrong, attempting to fix mistakes and emphasize smart choices.

I only feel moved to shoot my lunch when I’m confronting abnormally large burgers. And yes, I am aware that in my picture I violated pretty much every rule in this post. What food causes you to whip out your camera?

Five Tips for Effective Food Photography [Phoenix New Times]

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