Army Makes Soldier Pay $21 C.O.D. Fee To Receive Purple Heart

A soldier who was wounded in Iraq feels the Army did him an indignity by not only waiting four years to send him his Purple Heart, but delivering it with a $21 bill to cover shipping. The soldier, who hails from South Dakota, was wounded in a rocket blast in 2007.

Keloland reports the war vet spent two years proving the fact that he was worthy of the medal, which goes to soldiers who are wounded while serving. He says he’s going public about the way his award was delivered because he wants to prevent others from experiencing the same fate:

“I don’t want you to think I’m whining and complaining, because I’m not, I really don’t want this to happen to another soldier or any service member of the United States, it’s degrading.”

The soldier said the Army sent him an apology and a money order to cover the C.O.D. cost, but he said he couldn’t cash it because it was made out to the wrong name.

Purple Heart Came C.O.D. [Keloland via Huffington Post]

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