Tiffany Hires Ed Burns To Equate True Love With Diamond Rings

Tiffany & Co makes shiny, expensive diamond rings, so why not hire a handsome, expensive man like Edward Burns to present a movie-mercial to convince you that a ring equals true love?

The pushers of the robin’s egg-blue boxes had Burns attach his name to a When Harry Met Sally-esque short called “Will You Marry Me?” so you know you’re not in love without a diamond ring, as part of their What Makes Love True campaign.

Sure, it’s sweet to hear stories of young and old couples of all genders and races meeting, wooing and capping it all off with a sparkly diamond. But equating true love with fancy baubles is only going to make us think Ed Burns is going to dump Christy Turlington and pile diamonds at our feet. Or something like that.

Any way you slice it, we’d like to think that what makes love true doesn’t have to involve jewelry.

Tiffany & Co “Will You Marry Me? Presented by Ed Burns [YouTube]

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