Schools Slap Ads On Buses To Make Ends Meet

When you’re a cash-starved school district, just about any idea to pull in some extra scratch can sound appealing. One concept that’s catching on is turning school buses into moving billboards for paying clients.

Fox Business spoke to a Texas district that uses $400,000 cleared from a school bus ad campaign to buy computers for classrooms and fund its gifted program. A representative from the district said there are lines that the district won’t cross when it comes to bus ad suitors:

“We actually spent quite a bit of time deciding what would be an acceptable ad, and we have policies in place. Obviously, nothing advertising alcohol tobacco, firearms, or gambling will be used. Really, anything that isn’t clearly family-oriented won’t be used.”

Districts in Arizona and Colorado are also turning to school bus ads. Do you think schools that sell out are compromising their integrity?

Will School Bus Ads Drive Revenue for Cash-Strapped Districts? [Fox Business]

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