Sony Has Been Trying To Fix My Laptop For 7 Months And Already Charged Me $1,000

John doesn’t exactly have much love in heart for the people at Sony right now. He spent thousands of dollars on a laptop that broke after only three months. Then, he says, someone at the Sony store did further damage — and passed the repair bill on to him, but the absolute last straw is that his laptop still hasn’t been fixed in almost eight months.

Writes John on Reddit:

On September 2010, my laptop was stolen. As a CS Major I needed a laptop so after consideration I decided to order a VAIO Z which was Sony’s best model at the time of purchase. The laptop cost $2468, but I still ordered it spending a big chunk of my budget. Only three months into using the laptop, I started having problems and the hinge that connected the monitor to the computer started to fall apart -even though I NEVER dropped it or caused any physical damage whatsoever-. I got worried and I decided to take the laptop to the nearest Sony Style store for repair. My computer was working just fine so I didn’t need to fix it but I figured it was a smart move in the long run.
The closest Sony store was in Troy, Michigan about 2 hours away from where I lived. -My friend took me there but as I was filing the work order the shop assistant broke my screen (she said it was an accident but I call BS) of my perfectly working laptop that I brought just so I can repair the hinge.- She told me everything will be repaired so despite my frustration I sent it off, hoping that it would come back within the 2 week ETA. THEY NEVER FOLLOWED UP ON THE REPAIR. I called them EVERY WEEK but I was simply put on hold FOR 45 MINUTES and the technician always seemed to be out for lunch even when I’d call at 5pm. After two months, on March 16th, the unit was sent back to me without any notification. I was angry but the excitement of reuniting with my laptop took over the anger UNTIL I OPENED THE CASE. .
The screen was still badly damaged [see picture] with a note saying “physical damage not covered under warranty” In addition, it came with extra scratches and malfunctioning speakers (I found out when I put in my Blink 182 CD). Extremely confused, I tried calling them back but I was once again put on hold for hours just to be told that I can send it in for $500+ repair expenses. They would not listen to my case and repeatedly said pre written phrases “Dear valued customer” “We do not handle such things” (WTF?) The agent then told me to go back to the Sony store. Well that ended up with me discovering the Sony store in Troy ran out of business and SHUT DOWN completely. .
Now the closest Sony store was in New Jersey and since they put me on hold every time I called, I waited to fix my computer till I went to California. Upon arrival I took my laptop to the closest Sony store near San Jose. Their response was just as useless as those I received over the phone. They accused me of causing all damages and their empty minded responses left me no choice but to send it in for $500. (June 10th) Once again I received no notification within the 2 week ETA. After a month, they told my computer was finally being fixed. It took them another two weeks until my unit arrived (7/22) just so I can realize that the hinge was still cracked with distorted speakers and a wavy monitor. .
Once again, I had no choice but to send it in and I’m currently waiting to hear about my estimates.
It’s been nearly 8 months and over $1,000 in repair related expenses yet I haven’t received my computer back.- What should I do? My friend who drove me and saw everything happen and the facebook time stamped picture apparently means nothing to them.

Just yesterday, a reader told us how he got his Sony issue fixed by sending out an Executive E-Mail Carpet Bomb.

WTF SONY? Sony broke my computer and charged me $1000. It’s been 7 months but I still haven’t got my computer back. PLEASE HELP ME REDDIT. [Reddit]

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