Macy's Leaves Security Tags On New Suit, Ruins Job Interview

Bill’s wife had a final job interview scheduled for this morning, so earlier this week she popped into Macy’s to buy a new suit so she could put her best foot forward. If only employers were looking for workers with security tags dangling from their clothes.

After sifting through all the suits, Bill’s wife finally found one she liked. But when they took it up to the register, he says the employee was obviously new and in need of help from a superior, we’ll call her Amber, though that’s not her real name.

Alas, says Bill, Amber wasn’t exactly helpful:

She refused to help the new clerk and told her to “just handle it.” After approximately 15 minutes, the poor clerk got the computer to process the transaction, and $250 later, my wife was out the door with her suit in her new lovely garment bag.

Fast forward to this morning, the day of her interview. My wife grabs the garment bag, which has been carefully hanging in the hallway closet to avoid wrinkles. She removed the suit from the bag and BAM, both f***king security buttons still attached on the pants and coat.

Now her interview is in 45 minutes and Macy’s doesn’t open until later, so she’s hosed. She ended up wearing an old pair of pants that are from college (way too short) and a simple collared shirt which is way under-dressed for this position.

I’m not as mad as I am upset for my wife, as she worked very hard through several rounds of interviews and thoughtful research on the company to obtain this interview, and now she’s going into it not feeling confident due to stupid Amber.

Aside from taking the unused suit back and offering a refund, is there anything Macy’s could or should do to keep Bill and his wife as customers?

At the very least, please let this be a lesson to always check that store employees have removed security tags before you leave the store.

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