Two English Lads Visit Their First Walmart, Make Cheeky Commentary

Just about everything sounds better in a British accent, including outsider commentary on the banal/hilarious/beautiful details found inside a typical Walmart.

I have to say that I was predisposed to hate this video since it’s such a worked over topic, but Alex and Liam make it fresh by finding new surprises to mock and editing quickly. Three things this video will teach you:

  • In England, the “lube” in the “Tire and Lube Express” sign would mean something completely different, all of the time. There is no homonym action.
  • In England, the giant jugs bulk Arizona Ice Tea comes in are more commonly used for storing gasoline. “There’s tea in the petrol container.” “No, there’s petrol in the tea container.” No, the tea tastes like petrol. Whoa, I just deconstructed your ass.
  • In England, it would be odd for firearms to be found in clamshell plastic packages and placed on racks not too many aisles away from the shampoo section.

Defamiliarizing the everyday – by putting it in a British accent – makes it funny. And making it funny, makes you think about it. Try it! Start describing the physical representations of your consumer culture around you in an accent straight out of Gloucestershire and see what happens. Your enhanced perspective on the world you had taken for granted might just rip a hole in the fabric of The Matrix.

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