Want A Job? Try Texas Or North Dakota

While some parts of the country continue to struggle, Texas has added over 500,000 jobs during the last five years, making it the overall leader in job growth, according to an analysis of statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. North Dakota, which added about 41,000 jobs over the same period, takes the crown for percentage growth: non-farm employment is up nearly 12% there.

The Business Journals’ On Numbers crunched the BLS numbers to get a better look at the employment picture nationwide:

Texas added 537,500 nonfarm jobs between June 2006 and June 2011…

That’s nearly 10 times larger than the second-biggest increase by any state over the five-year span, Louisiana’s gain of 55,900 nonfarm jobs. North Dakota was third with a raw increase of 41,700…

North Dakota was the only state to increase its nonfarm employment each year during that span. Five states, including Texas, registered four increases and one loss.

Which states lost the most jobs? California tops that list, down over a million jobs since 2006, followed by Florida, which lost over 760,000. Nevada took the biggest hit in percentage terms, with employment down by 13% over the past 5 years.

Texas takes midyear employment crown [The Business Journals]

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