Science Tries To Give Men More Contraceptive Options

Guys who want to take control of birth control have limited options, but researchers are aiming to change that, focusing on hormones that reduce sperm counts. Men looking for alternatives to condoms and vasectomies may one day be able to pop pills that deprive their “boys” of swimming abilities.

The New York Times reports federal funding is backing the efforts. One potential option is gamendazole, which prevents sperm from developing properly. A University of Washington scientist is working on adapting a somewhat similar drug that currently acts as an alcohol abuse prevention aid, making those who drink alcohol and take the drug sick. He wants to come up with a combination of drugs that takes away the side effect.

He jokes: “if it weren’t for alcohol, no one would need contraception.”

What contraception do you rely upon?

Scientific Advances on Contraceptive for Men [The New York Times]

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