McDonald's Thinks People Want Something Called A Zesty BBQ Cruncher Burger

Packing as many descriptors into a burger name doesn’t always work, but we’ve gotta say, the sound of a Zesty BBQ Cruncher Burger has ignited the Consumerist salivary glands. McDonald’s is now said to be testing the new offering, so keep your eyes peeled!

An eagle-eyed tipster with, no doubt, a discerning palate, Scott H. sent in evidence of the tongue teaser by way of, noting that consumers can choose either an Angus beef patty or a crispy/grilled chicken patty.

Then we get into the zest and the crunch and the BBQ, oh my: Peppered bacon, barbecue sauce and pepper-Jack cheese, all topped with crispy onion strings on an artisan roll for $4.49 solo or $6.49.

As Burger Business points out, it’s veeeeery interesting that Wendy’s is poised to introduce its Dave’s Hot ‘n’ Juicy Cheeseburger line, while Burger King is also testing new products.

Burger wars! How deliciously delightful.

Have you seen or tried the Zesty BBQ Crunch Burger anywhere yet? Let us know your thoughts, and mail me a burger.

McDonald’s Zesty BBQ Cruncher: Beef or Chicken [Burger Business]

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