Use Your Own Cup To Steal From This Popeyes Soda Fountain And They'll Take That Cup From You

While bringing in your own cup is fine and dandy (and will occasionally save you money) at places like Starbucks where the staff has to do all the filling and refilling, it’s not so cool to bring your own cup to an eatery with free refills just to score a beverage without paying for it.

Thus, this NYC Popeyes is letting freeloaders know: You steal from us, we’ll steal right back from you.

Reads a memo taped to the soda fountain at a Popeyes in Manhattan:
“No refills with outside cups. We will take it away. No questions asked.”

Obviously it’s not okay for people to just come in and get a free drink, but if someone does pay for a drink and then decides to put some to-go Mountain Dew in their personal water bottle, should that be allowed?


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