Senator: Travelers Should Be Reimbursed Fees For All Lost & Mishandled Bags

Even though a new rule is about to kick in that refunds airline baggage fees for any traveler whose luggage vanishes forever, New York Senator Chuck Schumer thinks it’s not enough and that airlines should be reimbursing fees even if you get your bags back a day or two later.

Schumer’s argument is that you’re being charged a fee by the airline to get your bag from point A to point B unharmed and on time, so why should the airline get to keep the fee if they don’t provide the service you’re paying for?

“If they lose and mishandle the bags you paid extra for, it’s not right for them to simply say they’re sorry and still stick you with the bill. They ought to return the money,” he said.

The senator wants the airlines to see his point and decide to begin offering refunds voluntarily, but said he is willing to introduce legislation if no commercial carriers step up to the plate.

Sen. Schumer To Airlines: Refund Baggage Fees When Bags Are Lost [CBS New York]

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