Benefits Of Applying For Jobs You're Not Qualified For

One way to achieve more success is to become determined to fail more. Take more chances, especially when you have nothing to lose, and doors tend to open.

The author of Punch Debt in the Face is still waiting for the benefits of failing. He explains why he went in over his head to apply for a position at Microsoft that he wasn’t qualified for. He managed to get an interview, and knew he had no realistic chance of advancing.

He explains why he went through with the interview anyway:

1. I go through the interview, get completely dominated by it, am turned down, but still get to learn a lot about how Microsoft interviews work.

2. I, by some freak accident, get a job offer.

If you’ve ever applied for a job that was above your pay grade and have it work out to your advantage, share your story in the comments.

I’m a reject [Punch Debt in the Face]

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