Unable To Get Nicotine Fix, Southwest Passenger Resorts To Throwing Peanuts & Pretzels At Flight Attendants

A passenger on board a Southwest Airlines flight from L.A. to Salt Lake City was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly hurled bags of snacks at flight attendants to express his frustration over being unable to inhale fumes from an electronic cigarette.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the passenger was getting his pre-takeoff nicotine fix from an e-cig when an attendant informed him that the devices are not allowed to be used on board a plane.

The passenger put the nicotine delivery device away… for a while. The criminal complaint against him states that he got angry when asked a second time to stop using the e-cigarette.

From the Tribune:

Later, he threw peanuts and pretzels at the flight attendant and at the flight deck door in an apparent attempt to protest the airline’s policy banning electronic cigarettes, the complaint states. The flight attendant asked [the passenger] to stop his unruly behavior, but as the flight approached Salt Lake City International Airport, [the passenger] jumped up and started opening overhead containers, the complaint states.

The man was greeted by FBI agents when the plane reached its destination. He was arrested and charged with interference with a flight crew.

Man accused of assaulting flight attendant with peanuts, pretzels [Salt Lake Tribune via USA Today]

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