US Bank Lets Minnesotans Affected By Govt. Shutdown Skip One Loan Payment

With the gears of state government ground to a halt in Minnesota, there are thousands of people left without income but who still have payments to make on their mortgages and car loans. But at least one bank has decided to give these folks the option of taking a small breather by allowing affected customers to skip one month’s payment without incurring any penalties, fees or dinging your credit score. However, interest will continue to accrue.

A rep for US Bank tells the NY Times that it’s not just out-of-work state employees who are eligible for the program. Small businesses that are feeling the sting of the shutdown can also apply.

If you think you’re eligible — you must have been a US Bank customer in good standing as of June 30 — you’ll need to call 1-800-890-2233 to enroll.

When It’s O.K. to Skip a Loan Payment [NY Times]

Thanks to Pamela for the tip!