Amazon, AT&T Team Up For Even Cheaper Ad-Supported Kindle 3G

A few months ago, Amazon unleashed its first version of a lower-priced, ad-supported Kindle, but if you wanted the 3G version it was still going to cost significantly more. Last month, they introduced a 3G Kindle with ads for $25 off the retail price, and today they announced a deal with AT&T that lops off another $25, taking the price down to $139.

It’s unclear from the press release exactly what this “sponsorship” involves on AT&T’s part. (UPDATE: A source tells Consumerist that AT&T has sponsored screensavers on this version of the Kindle; that is how Amazon was able to reduce the retail price.)

Do any of you have the ad-supported Kindle? We’d like to know how intrusive the ads are and whether or not they are worth the price cut.