Personal Finance Roundup

10 Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Actually Love [The Art of Manliness] “10 fiscally responsible options for when you’re short on cash but still want to impress her with a terrific date.”

A Guide to Selling Unwanted Items [The Simple Dollar] “How to determine if you should sell stuff on e-bay, craigslist or at a yard sale and how to figure out the value.”

5 Smartphone Apps That Can Earn You Money [Money Talks News] “Here are a few apps that can put a little cash in your pocket.”

Side Hustle Series: I’m a USA Triathlon Official [Budgets Are Sexy] “My boyfriend and I have [made] enough over two triathlon seasons to cover our next overseas vacation!”

Save Money By Roasting Your Own Coffee Beans In A Popcorn Popper [Bible Money Matters] “Roasting your own coffee is a great alternative to paying too much for stale coffee.”


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