KFC Has An Opening For Dwyane Wade

Some NBA players who fear an extended lockout are already looking into their options, including playing in Turkey or Greece. Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat now has the option to work with chicken and grease, thanks to a publicity stunt in which the fast food chain offered a job to the star.

According to TMZ, KFC, where Wade worked as as teenager, offered him a job in a letter (PDF), responding to his tweet that he was looking for work. An excerpt:

“Come serve as an honorary captain at a local KFC drive-thru window. And while we can’t match your most recent salary, we’ll honor your KFC service by making a donation in your name to Colonel’s Scholars, a charity providing young people with much needed scholarships.”

If you were an NBA player, where would you work during a lockout?

KFC offers Dwyane Wade job [TMZ via Fox Sports]

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