Buy Groceries From Giant QR Code Wall In Subway Station

As you wait for the subway to arrive, thoughts of errands drift through your head. Pick up medicine from the pharmacist, get package from the post office, and go get the groceries. In South Korea, Tesco has been experimenting with a system that lets you take care of that last one, right while you’re on the subway platform. It’s a wall-length billboard with photorealistic images of essential supermarket supplies. You take a picture of each item you want, grabbing its QR code, place your order, and Tesco will deliver it to your door.

Pretty cool! You use your time more efficiently while you wait and also save yourself a trip to the supermarket. Thanks you, technology, for eliminating yet another need to interact with other humans in a public setting.

I wonder if this would work with something like Fresh Direct here in the states.

tesco virtual supermarket in a subway station [design boom]

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