Still Have A Sharper Image Gift Card? It Might Actually Be Worth Something

When gadget galleria Sharper Image stopped accepting gift cards only days after filing for bankruptcy protection in February 2008, consumers were left holding an estimated $19 million in useless plastic. But a class-action case against the company has managed to wrest some money from the shuttered company for those who were screwed over three years ago.

Gift card holders are usually among the last in line to be paid when a company goes bankrupt so most people never stake their claim. But the Chicago-based lawyer behind the class-action says he employed a little-used provision in the bankruptcy code to bump the cardholders up higher on the priority list. He also uncovered a couple million dollars in untapped Sharper Image cash.

If you have — or don’t have, but can prove you did have — a Sharper Image gift card, you can go to this website to put in your claim to possibly get some of your money back.

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Consumers Win in Sharper Image Bankruptcy Case [NBC Chicago]

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