Bank Of America Freezes Customer's Accounts After Nearly $3 Million In Mysterious Overdrafts

An unemployed single mom in Orlando either managed to overdraft nearly $3 million from her accounts at Bank of America or the bank’s computers went haywire and mistakenly debited each of her three accounts to the tune of around $900,000. Regardless, the woman says BofA is attempting to close those accounts, leaving her and her family in dire financial straits.

When she attempted to log onto her account via the BofA website, the woman found she’d been locked out of her account. So she went to the bank to find out what was going on.

“They wouldn’t give me any of my money and said they were in the process of closing my accounts and would send me a check in 10 to 15 business days,” she tells Orlando’s WESH TV.

She says her unemployment benefits and child support payments are both directly deposited into the closed accounts and if she can’t get access to her money by Friday, she won’t be able to pay rent.

A Bank of America rep tells WESH that this appears to be a very isolated incident. After being contacted by the TV station, BofA agreed to keep one of the woman’s accounts open while it investigates.

Woman’s Accounts Frozen After $3M Overdraft []

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