Video Of 25,727 Passwords From The Sony Hack, One Per Frame

Stare agog as all the the passwords released in the Sony LulzSec breach race past your eyes in this video.

In it, the computer shows and reads aloud all the passwords, one password per frame. If you’re actually able to make out a word or a series of numbers, then that means it’s a string being used by more than one person as their password. I’m amazed at how many people use “love” as the prefix in their password.

Watching some of it – because let’s be honest, no one is going to sit through all seventeen minutes – might make you want to revaluate your password creation system. Do you see your password in there? Here’s advice on creating a strong password that’s unique to every site you visit, yet you’ll never have a problem remembering.

Of course, if the server where your account is stored is compromised and they don’t have good enough security, it doesn’t matter how strong your password is if the thieves already have it.

(Thanks to Carrie!)

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