Call To Chase Executive Customer Service Gets Bank To Stop Flooding Me With Mail

Sarah saw yesterday’s post about the reader who was awash in credit card offers from Capital One and wrote in to share her story of how she finally got Chase to stop filling her mailbox with shredder fodder.

“I was getting three or four mailings from them per week, for four months or so,” writes Sarah in an e-mail to Consumerist. “I was so fed up, and even though I tried to unsubscribe by phone I was still getting mailings.”

She admits it’s possible her attempts at unsubscribing by phone might have been unsuccessful because she didn’t enter certain requested information like her Social Security Number.

“Call me paranoid, but like hell I’m going to give them my Social Security Number,” she explains. “Especially when I am not, nor was I ever, a customer there!”

She also attempted to reach the bank via its online contact forms, all to no avail. But then she found this article on Consumerist with the bank’s Executive Customer Service info and, well… for once, something actually worked out for her:

I was shocked when a real, live human picked up the phone! He was very helpful and apologetic, and took down my information and promised to take care of it for me. He asked if he could have my information to follow up on the situation (and I said yes, as long as it was by phone, no more mail!). I got a phone call a week later to double check my information and to apologize again. A month later and I haven’t received anything from Chase since! Thank you Consumerist!

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