Medicaid Providers Face Funding Cuts From States

Medicaid providers have taken hits in reduced state funding, potentially making health care more difficult to come by for the 60 million low-income patients covered by the program. Federal stimulus funding of $50 million in 2010 and $60 million in 2011 to beef up the program went away July 1, making it tough for states to maintain funding levels.

According to Stateline, the National Association of Budget Officers says 33 states have cut provider fees for the new fiscal year. The story says it’s uncertain whether enough doctors and hospitals will be available to serve those enrolled in Medicaid now and in 2014, when 16 million more people are expected to become eligible. Providers currently receive far less reimbursement from Medicaid than they do from private insurers or Medicare, although in 2013 states will be required to match primary care doctors’ Medicaid fees to those paid by Medicare.

If you have Medicaid, have you noticed any changes?

Medicaid providers brace for fee cuts [Stateline via Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer]

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